Here I plan on posting information I’ve gathered from my research. Periodically from time to time, I’ll put together some of the relevant things from podcasts, books, or other blog postings that are relevant to the foundation of financial independence and increasing efficiencies. I hope from time to time you’ll look through these to get inspiration on your journey.

I just love this picture of Aden. He was so happy to climb to the top of this big rock. It fits nicely with this post.

Hierarchy of Financial Needs

In this blog, the Mad FIentist relates Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to finances. It’s a pretty good explanation of how I see things too. As you go through life, you’ll climb up this pyramid pretty much in order just like Maslow’s pyramid. You’ll also may be in multiple levels at the same time. Once your read it, what is your assessment of where you think you are on the triangle. Are you comfortable? Where do you want to be in a week, month, year, or 10 years from now. If you are not where you think you should be, what’s your plan to get to the next level.

Climbing this pyramid isn’t a linear journey. You can slide up and down it based on many factors. Some will be from something you can’t control. But more often than not, you can control more than you think you can. So, strive every day to do just one thing that gets you closer to your goals.


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