021, I Quit!

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Well, I did it.  I quit my well-paying and pretty secure job to do something different.  I’m moving on to greener pastures.

My wife always says I don’t do change well.  Thus far, my career has consisted of 20 years in the US military followed by 12 years at a civilian company.  So, in the last 32 years, I’ve had only two jobs.  Maybe that is a sign of the old ways, but that’s been the path I took.  If you go back and read the first post , it will become evident that it’s not all about the money.  There are way more important things in life than money.

This blog has helped open my eyes to other things in life.  In some ways, this new job is just a continuation of similar things to help achieve goals.  It has a good salary to take care of monetary needs.  The job also has good insurance.  (You can read how important having good medical insurance is to my family at The $500,000 Tooth Ache post.)  There’s the 401K plan with company matching.  So, the base of security and steadiness needed for my family remains firmly in place with the new job.  More of the same.  No significant changes in that area.

However, the new job is radically different in other ways, which played a big part in the decision to make the change. This new adventure allows me to work from home!  At this point in my life, that has become very important to me.  My aging father, who is approaching 80 years old, lives with us.  We also have one of the kids and her 4 year old son living with us.  Our daughter is fairly young and at the stage where she’s working long hours, commuting, etc. to establish herself in her blooming career.  My new job allows me to be home with my dad in case he needs something.  It also allows me to be a backup to our daughter for when the grandson needs someone to stay home with him.  Or for that matter, any of the grandkids could be dropped off in a pinch.  I’m a sucker for those now 7 cute grandkids.

So, I’m going to practice what I preach.  I feel like at this time in my life, a change is needed.  This new career move will allow much more freedom to spend time doing what is most important. These things are more important and bigger than just punching a clock to run on the hamster wheel of work to make ends meet.  If nothing else changes, I’ll save 360 hours a year on the commute alone!  A lot can be accomplished in 360 hours!  Who knows.  Maybe I’ll even be able to blog more now!

Sure, there will be an adjustment period.  Staying focused, disciplined and effective at my new job is important to me as well.  Learning to avoid and manage the distractions will be critical to my success.  Of course, as anyone who works in a large office knows, there are always interruptions.  The distractions from home will be much less. In the old job, distractions were almost constant.  Many were work related, but not all of them.  So, even if slightly distracted at home, it can’t be nearly as many as in the previous office situation.

Just an important final note here:  I didn’t “quit” my job until I had another one in place. I had plenty of money in the bank to cover any transitional gaps.  My wife and family were supportive of my decision.  And, I remain in a field that both energizes and excites me.  It’s all good.

So, I’m off to greener pastures.  Wish me well!


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